Who We Are

The Blood Centers of California (BCC) is an alliance of 12 non-profit blood centers, located throughout the state. (See links below for blood centers in your area) BCC supplies more than 1.4 million units of blood and blood products, representing over 90% of products needed, to California’s hospitals, physicians and patients.

The majority of blood drawn in California remains in California.

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality and readily available blood and blood components for Californians. BCC also provides public education on the challenges facing blood centers and the future of transfusion medicine in California.

California has an all volunteer donor blood supply and we are constantly encouraging all healthy, age and size eligible residents to donate the gift of life.

The Blood Centers provide a comprehensive range of services:

 Blood donations

 Diagnostic services

 Tissue Transplant

 Cell therapy programs – umbilical cord storage/stem cells

 Disaster Preparedness

Blood centers have been, just as other health care providers, affected by the shortage of licensed health care personnel in California – Registered Nurses and Clinical Laboratory Scientists.


Annually we provide the Department of Public Health an update on blood component production and utilization in the state. While California is not fully self-sufficient, BCC members take full responsibility for meeting the needs of the hospitals we serve. BCC members work closely with hospitals throughout the state to establish sound policies and practices and aggressively manage blood utilization and eliminate unnecessary transfusions.

One of our state organizations – California Blood Bank Society (CBBS) has the developed a disaster plan which is updated approximately every two years; the most recent edition was released in September 2015. This document outlines the coordination of activities required of local blood centers in the event of local, regional or national disasters. BCC also coordinates our actions/plans with the local – city or county EMSA – jurisdictions.

The members of the Blood Centers of California are:

American Red Cross (Northern/Southern CA regions)


Central California Blood Center

City of Hope National Medical Center

Houchin Community Blood Bank


Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Blood Bank

Northern California Community Blood Bank

UCLA Blood & Platelet Center

San Diego Blood Bank

Stanford Blood Center

United Blood Services

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